Welcome to Jackie Jones Yoga

Yoga and meditation have been woven through my life for over 25 years. During that time I have traveled extensively and studied with some of the most prominent and gifted teachers, with lineages reaching back to the roots of this vast ancient tradition.

From a background initially in martial arts and adrenelin sports, I found in yoga a way to have a more nurturing and holistic relationship with my body, discovering a rich system that is as relevant and practical today as it was to our predecessors.

  • Meeting Kali Ray in the early nineties when vinyasa flow yoga was still in its fledgling form I was able to soak up the teachings from this master yogini who embodied the flow in all of its forms. I studied intensely under her direction in Santa Cruz, California for 5 years : pranayama, tantra, ayurveda and of course the flowing asana sequences which still inform my teaching today.
  • In 1996, now a mother and working full time as a charity fundraiser, I decided to add to my workload by studying for an MSc in Yoga Psychology. A big part of the syllabus was mindfulness practice. I enrolled on one of the first 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programmes at Oxford University and found at last a way to heal the disconnect between my blissful yoga practice and stressful daily life.
  • Travelling to the source of these teachings, on retreat with Zen master Thich Nath Hanh (the “Father of Mindfulness”) in Plum Village, France, once again I came face to face with a master who fully embodied the practice. Mindfulness within this community was an epiphany and quite literally changed my life.
  • I retrained as a Yoga Therapist and have spent the last 15 years running one to one clinics, teaching vinyasa flow and mindfulness classes and running retreats. Every year I train with some of the leading lights of flow yoga – Sharon Gannon and David Life from Jivamukti Yoga, Shiva Rea and many others.
  • My aspiration has always been to bring this grounding and balance into my busy life as a mom of two, living with a lovely husband and mad puppy in Shropshire. Finding self compassion and humour when I sometimes forget. And being content to be gloriously imperfect!. I never did finish that MSc.
  • 1987 BSc (Hons) Physics and Biology inc Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • 1994 Certified Oki Yoga Therapist from Zen Shiatsu School, Sydney
  • 1997 Yoga Therapy Certification with Integrative Yoga Therapy

For more information about classes, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!