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Slide I just want to say a big thank you for Yoga@Home. I think its a
wonderful idea and I'm enjoying every minute of it! I miss your
classes but this is a great replacement.
Slide Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your Yoga@Home
course. It's really good to do manageable chunks of yoga every
couple of days. A brilliant start to my year. Thank you!
Slide Loving your online course. Its perfect as I struggle to commit to
classes as I work shifts - and I can do it in my pj's!
Slide Just wanted to let you know how great I’m finding the online
sessions. I’ve used them most days since I signed up. It makes
such a difference. Thank you!
Slide I have been unable to attend your classes due to hand injuries
but thanks to Yoga@Home I have been able to quietly work on the
many poses that don’t involve ‘hands on floor’.

What do you get ?

The moment you sign up you’ll get access to our complete library of 18 flowing yoga video practices and 7 guided meditations of varying duration from 10 to 60 mins to suit your schedule.


  • Core strength to help low back pain
  • Freeing the hips and shoulders
  • Morning flow to wake up and energise
  • bedtime practice to ease you into restful sleep

Yoga@Home will help you find your calm centre and relearn healthy patterns of breathing, or simply to find your grounding in the middle of a busy day.

Who is it for?

If you’ve ever thought you would love an experienced and inspiring yoga teacher to come to your home and guide you through a calming meditation, or teach you how to ease the knots of tension from your shoulders, whenever you need it… Then this course is for you!

It’s perfect if you’re a regular student, who would love a yoga fix between classes to maintain your strength , flexibility and wonderful sense of calm.

Or if you are a complete beginner and know the benefits of yoga are just what you need in your life, but are too busy taking care of everyone else to sign up for class, you can follow the 18 videos as a step by step beginners course, leading you from simple to longer, more challenging practices.

Please make sure you check with your doctor before you sign up if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health. As with all holistic therapies, Yoga@Home is not meant as a replacement for medical advice.

Yoga@Home Gift Certificates

Would you like your loved ones to feel less stressed, more relaxed and energised all round?

Treat them to a Yoga@Home gift certificate.

They will get instant access to our full library of 18 videos and 7 guided audio meditations.

You will receive a confirmation email when you place the order, then a separate email with a voucher code that can be used when they sign up online.

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