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Jackie Jones Yoga


Yoga and meditation have been woven through my life for the past 35 years and I've had the pleasure of sharing this path with over 1000 students during the last 25 years.


 With a background in science, adrenaline sports and the martial arts, I've found in yoga a more holistic way of nurturing mind and body to optimal health.


I feel incredibly fortunate to have studied with some of the world's most gifted teachers. I was apprenticed for 5 years to a master yogini in N California in the early ninet, underwent the epiphany of mindfulness 15 years ago in Thich Nath Hanhn's community in France and had all of my learning stripped away and rebuilt with Tantric masters in the Himalayas.

Today I dance. My body is the treasure trove of all of my life's experiences; both traumas and joys. I greet her with respect and let her tell me what she needs. And in return I am lead to a place of deep stillness where the fountainhead of intuition lies.

And I listen.

So please join me. I would love to share with you a little of what I've learned over a lifetime of practice. 



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