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Jackie Jones Yoga


Online and In-Person 

Yoga and Mindfulness Courses in  Shrewsbury 

Mindful flowing yoga with emphasis on the breath will leave you feeling relaxed and energised. 



Face to Face Courses

Pre-recorded Courses

Live Zoom Classes
A complete course of 7 one hour classes for you to keep and return to again and again. Gentle mobilisations and dynamic mindful flow combine to get your whole body moving the way it was meant to.
Suitable for all abilities
  • Am I fit enough to attend the class?
    If you have any current or past health issues and are worried about your suitability for the course, I highly recommend that you ask the advice of your health professional for permission to attend a yoga class. You will need as a minimum to be able to get up and down off the floor and kneel for short periods to join the beginners course, otherwise it is best to be taught on an individual basis.(See private tuition page on the website.) Once you are enrolled, although you are in a class situation, the yoga practice is as individual as you are. You will be encouraged never to strain to attain a posture, or push yourself beyond what you feel capable of doing. Each posture can be adapted to your specific needs. If you aren’t sure, ask – either during class, or in the time just before or after class.
  • Which level is best for me?
    There is very little difference between the beginners and mixed ability classes. Both are suitable for complete beginners where you will be encouraged to work at your own pace but also once the basics are covered be offered more challenging poses to suit your level of ability. The intermediate level is for those that have been studying yoga for a while and want to deepen their practice with more challenging flows, Pranayama and yoga philosophy.
  • What if I miss a class?
    I am unable to refund you for missed classes either due to holidays or illness. In exceptional circumstances where you have to withdraw from the course completely, a refund may be given, from the date you withdraw, if I am able to fill your place.
  • What do I wear?
    You don’t need any special clothing! Just wear something loose fitting and stretchy so that you can move with comfort. We usually practice in bare feet.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Please bring your own yoga mat and a blanket to snuggle under.
  • Can I eat before the class?
    Try not to eat at least two hours before the class, if you’re desperate, a light snack (eg fruit or muesli bar) one hour before is OK.

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