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Jackie Jones Yoga

Design a Personal Yoga Practise Unique to You
A practical immersive journey to gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence to create your own personal yoga practise.


“ I love, love, love the mentorship programme! I am loving taking ownership of my body’s needs, allowing playfulness and challenge or mindful rest where I feel that’s needed. I’ve learned so much about myself as I become more aware of what I truly need and what’s more beneficial to my life and development. So, wow. I wasn’t expecting that, and I feel that this will change my practice forever. Sharing your insight to better, happier living through really tuning into ourselves is really working for me.” 2022 participant

What will you learn?

  • How to navigate a clear path through the myriad postures and techniques to find the perfect practise for you. 

  • Utilise Ayurvedic principles  of personal constitution, season and daily rhythms 

  • Learn how the intersection of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra will help in sequencing a class for  restoring balance

  • Deepening your understanding of yoga philosophy as a map for your daily life

  • How to connect and trust your own inner teacher.

"Thanks so much once again for sharing your practices and living your truth. What’s so invaluable from the mentorship course is your genuine authenticity – sharing your own lived experience of yoga philosophy, and the fact you really live by it in the real world, makes it achievable and understandable to us all." 2022 participant

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What's included?

  • 3 x monthly in person day retreats incl. vegan lunch, teas and snacks

  • 2 x Yoga Nidra recordings for home practice

  • Homework and journal prompts to support your home practice

  • Buddy system for support and encouragement to keep you on track

Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone with a minimum of one year's yoga practice. Whether you're a yoga teacher wanting to become more highly skilled, a health professional, or a keen student, curious to know more, you will understand the underlying principles to apply these transformative, practical teachings to everyday life.

The Venue

Sunday retreats will be held at Ryton Village Hall, just south of Shrewsbury. The floor to ceiling windows spill light into the hall and look out over incredible views of the Shropshire Hills. 



"Thank you so much for opening up such a supportive and safe space for us all and sharing your incredibly valuable wisdom and insights in such an open, loving and inclusive way, right here on our doorstep in the beautiful hall at Ryton. Just perfect and I can't wait for more." 2022 participant


Course Dates

Each retreat arrive anytime after 9.30am to share tea together. Teas throughout the day and a simple vegan lunch provided.

Sunday  Feb 5th Day Retreat 10-4pm.

Sunday 5th March Day Retreat 10-4pm

Sunday 16th April Day retreat 10-4pm

Preference will be given to those who can commit to all 3 retreat dates. Any

remaining spaces will then be offered on a single retreat basis.

Email me if you can't make all the dates. 

Your teacher 

2022 is a special year for me. It marks 25 years of continuous yoga teaching, although I've been studying mind body arts both personally and professionally for nearly 35 years. I wanted to celebrate this milestone by sharing some of the deeper teachings I've received over the years..   


From month long meditation retreats in the Himalayas, to decades long study of tantric yoga and buddhism, I feel like I've come full circle to finally understand that connection to your own inner teacher, is the only way to truly meet with what is needed in each moment for wholeness.


 I'll be drawing strongly from my what I've learned in 25 years of offering one to one yoga therapy clinics, group classes and retreats. And from the wealth of experience I've amassed from each and every one of the hundreds of students that I've walked this path with over the years. 



3 month course £240
Early bird of £220 if booked before Sunday Dec 18th 2022.
If finances are difficult, please email me to discuss. Due to the generosity of previous mentorship students, I have several subsidised places. There may also be the opportunity for a stand in soup dragon if you fancy assisting on the day.

  • 3 x monthly in person day retreats inc tea, snacks and vegan lunch 

  • Buddy system to support your practice and keep you on track.

  • 2 x Yoga Nidra recordings to keep, 

  • Homework and journal prompts to support your home practice