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Energising Yoga Flow Class

A 6 week course starting Tues 5th Jan - 9th Feb



A 60 min energising practice, great for mornings or early evening after work. Flowing mindful yoga with options for more or less challenging variations to help you work at your body's intelligent edge.


We will weave seasonal pranayama and meditation practices through each class to help to keep your energy vibrant during these dark mid winter months. If you like your yoga delivered straight up, this is the class for you!

At least three months of prior yoga experience is recommended.


Classes are on Zoom, you can join us live or watch the recordings at your leisure as often as you wish. They will be uploaded within 24 hours after the class and are available to stream for one month after the course has finished.


If you have any doubts about your physical or mental health, please check with your doctor about your suitability for the course. 

Energising Yoga Flow Class. Starts Tues 5th Jan

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