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Jackie Jones Yoga

Yoga Mentorship Programme
Monthly Retreat Days 2022/23
For teachers, health professionals and students ready for the next step

“Your practices are authentic, down to earth and challenging ( in a good way) whilst possessing a huge amount of knowledge you clearly teach from a place of embodiment and intuition.”

What will you learn?

  • How to navigate a clear path through the myriad postures and techniques to find the perfect practise for you. 

  • Utilise Ayurvedic principles  of personal constitution, season and daily rhythms 

  • Learn how the intersection of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra presents a clear map for navigating daily life 

  • How to connect to and trust your own inner teacher.

  • Find moment by moment creative expression through movement.

  • Understand the subtle energetic anatomy that enables you to energise or deeply rest when most needed

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Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone with a minimum of one year's yoga practice. Whether you're a yoga teacher wanting to become more highly skilled, with practical post graduate study, a health professional, or a keen student curious to know more, you will come to understand the underlying principles to apply these transformative, practical teachings to everyday life.

Course Details

The year long Yoga Mentorship Programme is split into three modules, which can be taken in any order. Each module consists of 3x monthly in person Sunday retreats, You can just dip in and take one workshop or book onto each module as a whole which is 10% cheaper.


Self study will be encouraged, where you will be able to intelligently choose and apply a tailored practice to bring you (and/or your students) back into a state of balance. 

The Venue

Sunday retreats will be held at Ryton Village Hall, just south of Shrewsbury. The floor to ceiling windows spill light into the hall and look out over incredible views of the Shropshire Hills. 



Module 3: Sept-Dec 2022

Intuitive Yoga: Finding the Inner Teacher

Manifesting the unmanifest is the art of cultivating Kundalini Shakti. In these retreats we will move beyond the boundaries of form into the realm of creativity. You will be guided to move beyond structured posture sequences to more intuitive, creative, movement , sound and breathwork.  The techniques you will learn are designed to move you from your everyday thinking mind into a more creative and receptive flow state. When the internal chatter quietens there is a spaciousness from which your creativity naturally flows. 

9.30am arrival and share tea, finishing at 4pm. Delicious vegan lunch, teas and snacks provided.


Sunday Sept 18th  Intuitive Movement: Connection to the inner teacher
Sunday 6th Nov     Yoga and Sound: The breath made manifest
Sunday 4th Dec     Yoga Nidra: The art of deep rest

You can attend each retreat individually or get a 10% reduction for booking all 3. You do not need to have completed previous modules to attend these retreats, although at least 1 years continual study of yoga is recommended.

Scholarship places are available. Please contact me if finances are challenging at present

Coming soon dates to be finalised....


Module 1: Jan - March 2023

Ayurveda and building a personal practice.

This 3 month course will give you a firm grounding in the principles of Ayurveda. You will learn how to integrate your constitution (dosha), time of year, even the time of day to reconnect your life to the rhythms of your body and the natural world. You will understand what balance looks like for you and how to adapt your practise for those times when you find yourself pulled off centre by the physical, mental and energetic challenges of day to day living. 

We will cover the energetics of asana sequencing and how to incorporate tantric principles to restore balance and optimum functioning. For teachers you will develop the understanding to create skillfull themed classes.

Module 2: Apr-Jun 2023 

The Energetics of Yoga Practice

In each of three day retreats, you will come to understand the subtle architecture of the body and discover the ancient maps which are still beautifully relevant for us today.  Prana Shakti is the universal life force that flows through all life. You will learn to sense where there are blockages in the flow of Prana and  how to access our wellspring of life-force and to rediscover your original true nature of joyful equanimity. Practical demystified techniques direct from the Himalayan Lineage will fill your yoga toolbox to the brim!

Your teacher 

2022 is a special year for me. It marks 25 years of continuous yoga teaching, although I've been studying mind body arts both personally and professionally for nearly 35 years. I wanted to celebrate this milestone by sharing some of the deeper teachings I've received over the years..   


From month long meditation retreats in the Himalayas, to decades long study of tantric yoga and buddhism, I feel like I've come full circle to finally understand that connection to your own inner teacher, is the only way to truly meet with what is needed in each moment for wholeness.


 I'll be drawing strongly from my what I've learned in 25 years of offering one to one yoga therapy clinics, group classes and retreats. And from the wealth of experience I've amassed from each and every one of the hundreds of students that I've walked this path with over the years. 

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